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Music Match game Nature melody

Sviluppatore Binary Guilt Software
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Stop to learn the music like a parrotYou can improve your sight reading[Feature]Enjoying a game you learn the music Not Boring, Fun music educational game.You can exercise the music theory playing a game.
[Description]You can find the card matched the note name.One player: Get the eight correct answer within the given timeTwo player: If you got the ten correct answer first, then you’re winner
[Contents]Reading noteSymbols & RestsNote name(Treble clef, bass clef)Note name attached # & ♭
You can enjoy the various music contents and music game
※ It offers note name in "Do-Re-Mi" and "CDE" type .The ideal resolution of equipment is 1280x800 or less. The card may be shown in small in the more high resolution device, but You could play the game.